Sunday, February 14, 2021

There are D&D Themed Valentine's Day Cards!


There are D&D Themed Valentine's Day Cards!
I know that posting about Valentine's Day, love, or whatnot today here at the Tavern is a bit of low-hanging fruit, but really.....how often do I get to post here on Valentine's Day?

First, I get to eff around and come up with a new lead-in graphic, so that's clearly justification enough....

Actually I've been thinking about in-game romance, at-the-table romance, and couples in gaming all week now thinking about today's posts, and maybe I'll come around and expound about that, but not today. Today I'm going to keep with the low-hanging fruit....'cause I can?

Well, not because I can, but because I discovered that D&D themed Valentines are actually a thing. No shit. I'll post some links, but after spending some time pouring through different D&D VD cards I want to start with my absolute favorite:

Rat Queens Valentine’s Day Cards

You can find a couple different ones here from this post at the blog INSIDE THE MIND OF KURTIS J. WIEBE. I just love this one because while clearly adult, it has a grade-school aesthetic....and I'm currently dating a cute redhead so I can envision getting this card from her, but that's a bit of an aside. The card made me laugh and that's always a winner.

2016 WotC VDay Cards

Of course Hasbro/WotC has some Valentine's Day cards, which can be found here. You only get a preview of one card above the download link, so here's a collage of 10 D&D cards.

Of course, these aren't the only Hasbro/WotC Valentine's Day cards, just the ones that show up most of the time. More recent cards, with previews, can be found on this page.

Yes, you can easily do a Google search for D&D Valentine's Day cards....hell, how do you think I started this? Thing is, if you actually need a card you can print out, you might be searching for a while. The Wiebe cards are hi-rez and a good physical size, but the WotC cards.....not so much. 

If you're needing some geeky Valentine's Day gifts, well at this point you're pretty much SOL. It's a bit late to get cool dice, dice bags, or......yeah, I'm done, not sure whatever else would work (custom dice box?) Oh, maybe a 3d printed mini? 

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