Wednesday, October 14, 2020

Kickstarter - Space Scoundrels - A Not Too Serious Science Fiction RPG

Thom Wilson
of Throwi Games has a great track record, both with on-time Kickstarters and quality writing. He is one of those "organized" people. I am not, but I am glad to count Thom among the friends I've made in the old school gaming corner of the hobby.

Thom's latest project is Space Scoundrels - A Not Too Serious Science Fiction RPG, which is being funded on Kickstarter. Light-hearted SciFi is right up my alley, and the pricing is certainly right for my wallet. 4 bucks for the PDf and 8 bucks for the at-cost POD and the PDF (really the sweet point I think). I'm in for 12 bucks, same as the above but I get credited as a backer in the final release.

Designed as a beer-and-pretzels game with minimal rules and fast-paced skill progression, Space Scoundrels takes a lot of the science out of science-fiction for those that love the genre but don't want to get mired in lots of physics and math. 

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