Tuesday, September 8, 2020

Kickstarter - The Complete Curse of Roslof Keep Campaign (1e & 5e)

 I've been a fan of Scott Taylor / Art of the Genre for a number of years. The individual modules have classic TSR era styled cover, and the art and writing are simply top-notch. Probably the best of the adventure arcs is the Roslof Keep series. The Complete Curse of Roslof Keep Campaign Kickstarter put that story arc into a single hardcover book.

With the success of our first Roslof Keep campaign in 2015, there was little doubt that we would revisit the concept of Mithelvarn’s Labyrinth at some point in the future. So came The Curse of Roslof Keep mega-dungeon in 2018, and after two years, 6 full Folio adventures, 9 campaign adventures, 6 mini-adventures, and a setting gazetteer, the full width and breadth of this new high level dungeon was realized. Now, for the first time, ALL of the various odds and ends of the massive campaign will be housed in a single place, The Curse of Roslof Keep ‘orange spine’ hardcover! Some things within have never before seen print, and all 128 pages will be dedicated to characters levels 10-17. So, we hope you will join Art of the Genre as we ‘complete the OSR circle’ and render another AD&D-inspired hardcover right out of the 1980s, with an incredible cover by our final member of the ‘four TSR artistic horseman’ Clyde Caldwell. 

What is within these pages? This 6 level mega-dungeon is rendered in both 2D ‘blue’ hex maps, as well as full 3D artistic rendering, and is complete with 6 full size modules, 9 smaller campaign addition modules, and 6 bonus mini-adventures as well as the Rogues Guide gazetteer for the setting proper. You will find new monsters, deadly NPCs, and all manner of dungeon crawling wickedness, all for characters in the teen levels of experience, and rendered mechanically in both 5thEdition Dungeons & Dragons and classic Advanced Dungeons & Dragons formats.

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