Friday, September 4, 2020

Free RPG Zine - Casket of Feys (Dragon Warriors RPG)


I remember seeing the advertisements for Dragon Warriors in Dragon Magazine back in the 80s. Sadly, it was a UK release, and I was never able to track down the paperback books at the time (although it has been updated and re-released).

Casket of Feys brings me back to those days of my gaming history, and the price is certainly right. With a little work, the magic items and weapons can convert easily to the OSR ruleset of your choice.

Come and open the Casket of Fays!

This first issue of the Dragon Warriors Fanzine, 'Casket of Fays' is brought to you by Red Ruin Publishing. 

Inside the Casket this issue you will find these treasures:

Fearsome mere-trolls and the even worse mere-hags

A visit to the balmy Thousand Islands

A new Sorceror spell

A pointedly nasty magical item

Back to the Thousand Islands, for a more pointed look (that's weapons..)

Enjoy Chaubrette, and enter the Barony of Severac

Meet a great hero of the Mercanian sagas

The first part of a new Profession - the Light Elementalist

Is it serpent, or is it cat - no, its the Tatzelwurm

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  1. How come I'm only seeing this months later? Why oh why is FB's algorithm so dismal?

    Thanks for the kind words. We've had a couple more issues out since this - and our pagecount went way way up. Pop by and download. I'm way way happier with issues 2 and 3 :)


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