Monday, September 21, 2020

Deal of the Day - Mike's Dungeons: The Deep Levels (OSR)

Sometimes all you want to do is dungeon crawl like we did back in 1984. Back when we didn't worry about what went on outside the walls of the dungeon. Backstory? Setting? NPCs? Bah!

Mike's Dungeons: The Deep Levels allows you to game like the old days. Normally 2.99 in PDF, until tomorrow morning it is a mere 1.49.

MIKE'S DUNGEONS: THE DEEP LEVELS includes 39 dungeon levels that take 10th-level characters up to 14th level.


This is a massive dungeon of 39 hand-drawn levels, for character levels 10th through 14th. It was made with Moldvay/Cook's 1981 Dungeons & Dragons rules, but it can be used with other versions of the game.


These dungeons are not for collecting, not for reading, not for gazing at, and not for displaying on your coffee table. It has no art, no stylish formatting, no production values at all. If you aren't going to use and abuse this in a game, there's no reason to buy it.


The word for this is FUN. These are the dungeons you could have made when you were 12 years old, but were too lazy. It is a no-nonsense dungeon for playing D&D. You don't even need to study it beforehand. You can run it on-the-fly.


You read that right. You can freely preview every single page of this book. It's like you're flipping through this in a bookstore before you make your decision to buy.

The price comes to less than 8 pennies per level for the PDF, and a quarter per level for the print+PDF option.

Fight on!

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