Thursday, August 6, 2020

New OSR Release - City of Solstice: Evil Streets

It's a rare release that covers law and order in an urban environment, let alone one that focuses on PCs as the police (well, simultaneously lawbreakers too). Still, it works as an urban setting without using the built-in default campaign. Actually, it works as a truly vibrant urban setting with enough factions to keep the PCs busy for ages.

That all being said, urban adventures play differently than dungeon crawls, and killing your foe can have repercussions that go further than angering later foes. You need the right group mindset for extensive urban adventures and the City of Solstice is set to offer near-limitless adventure opportunities for your PCs.

The City of Solstice is 15 bucks in PDF, 30 in Print plus PDF.

You are not adventurers. 

They’re dead. 

Just like His Royal Majesty, Prince Roth, Earl of the City of Solstice and his wife, the Princess Sirena. 

Their killers were the Star Society, five rival criminal organizations who joined together as one. They are: the Church of Mother Moon, led by the Shadow Shroud, a mysterious prophetess, the Nizari, most ruthless mercenary company in the known world, the shadow archers of the Sagittarius Sect, the mysterious elven executioners of the Order of Antares, and the martial arts masters known as the Five Forms. 

The city is now theirs in all but name. The Royal Chancellor, Lord Toren, Her Majesty’s Lord Protector, is officially in charge of the city. But everyone knows he’s a tired old man who looks the other way while terror rules the streets. 

You are members of the Vigilant, a thoroughly corrupted effigy of a once proud guild, charged with keeping order in a chaotic city of 100,000 souls. You are not adventurers. But you have a duty.


The City of Solstice provides a complete urban setting for your Old School Fantasy Adventures. If you're playing a game based on the 1st Advanced Edition of the Greatest RPG of All Time (TM) this city will give you everything you need from a setting for hundreds of adventures, with minimal mechanical adaptation required. 

In addition to the setting, this tome contains new classes, new spells, new magic items, and a completely revamped magic system. Better yet, you can use all of this, some of it, or none of it, nothing in the rules depend on anything optional. It's up to the Game Master and their players.

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  1. Without a preview on the setting book, and only a can't-be-read preview on one of the two adventures for the setting, this is a hard pass for me. Yeah, the adventures are only $2, but I want to get an idea of what I'm laying my money on the counter for BEFORE I lay it on the counter.

  2. Fair point. I added a 10 page preview to the product page. Feel free to give it a look.

  3. I own, and have read the main book. A more detailed review is forthcoming, but I definitely like the setting material. It is well constructed, imaginative, and full of smaller and larger adventure hooks.


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