Thursday, June 4, 2020

State of the Tavern Keeper - New Lease on Life

This past Monday I went to St Francis Hospital to have a stent inserted in the left anterior descending part of my heart to clear a blockage. This followed three prior stents for three other blockages two weeks prior. No more procedures in my immediate future - just healthy eating, exercise and a lifetime  of meds.

I’m sad to not be at NTRPG Con this year, but I’m happy. I’ll be around for many more :)

Again,I’d like to thank Chris for stepping up the past few days. He’ll be a regular feature on Sunday’s going forward.

We’ve got plans for The Tavern, some I’ve touched on prior, some we’ve yet to announce.

June should be a good month :)


  1. Glad to hear and that you're on the upswing. Here's to many more years of both you and the Tavern.

  2. I am glad everything went well congratulations.

  3. Congratulations on getting through all of this!

    I am looking forward to hearing your upcoming announcements.

  4. You must be sick of the hospital by now, so keep yourself healthy for a long while. Welcome back!

  5. Glad things are looking up. Healthy eating ain't so bad!

  6. Eeew. I wish you many more years without hospital visits.


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