Thursday, June 11, 2020

A Little Help (for Information) From the Tavern...

A Little Help (for Information) From the Tavern...
After a brief "conversation" with Erik I have permission to help enlist the Tavern to help me with a pet project of mine. For the record, I don't intend to make a dime off of this and the whopping $10/year domain name registration is my only out-of-pocket cost.

A couple years ago I had an idea to start a blog that was dedicated to a relatively narrow focus: OSR Zines. No reviews, no affiliate links, nothing but news of new issues and letting folks know what zines are out there.

The thing is......I'm not really sure what is out there. Current, discontinued, new issues.....I only know about what I stumble across and for older & discontinued issues mostly. This is where I could use the Tavern's help.

I'd appreciate finding out about new/current fanzines, especially new issues. There is a contact form at OSRZine.com and I could easily be emailed through my gmail (FrugalGM). Links, pointers, pictures of issues, etc are all helpful. I did populate the site with some Zines....two years ago, so you can see examples of the info I've been looking to put up on the site.

Any assistance would be most appreciated. I plan on doing updates on the weekends.


  1. Hey Chris, feel free to swipe my list at https://rendedpress.blogspot.com/p/old-school-zines.html. I've been adding links to the top of my list but haven't sorted it in quite a while. I had plans to create a sortable database using Google Forms and Google Sheets, but the amount of effort I would need to put into implement my plans far exceeded my free time to track down and input all the info that would make it useful beyond a barebones list of links. At any rate, I'd be happy to pass the torch to someone else, as I've been maintaining my list since around 2010 and I know there are zines I've missed. I have around 25GB of saved, free fanzine PDFs from the 3.5 era (like The Silvan Trumpeter and Revisiting the Three Kingdoms Quarterly) to more recent efforts like Matt Jackson's Lapsus Calumni and J.V. West's Black Pudding.

  2. What about RPGs that were made for ZineQuest but were not actually Zines (the whole ZineQuest thing confused me because of this)?

  3. When I try to go to osrzine.com, I get

    This site can’t be reachedosrzine.com’s server IP address could not be found.


  4. TY. Combines my love of zine w OSR.

  5. Are you aware of this RPG Zine group on Facebook? https://www.facebook.com/groups/551466285487694/?fref=mentions


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