Thursday, March 12, 2020

State of the Tavern Keeper - Released from ICU - Self Isolates awaiting CDC Test Results

I woke up in good spirits this morning, undampened by the soggy waffle I had for breakfast. What can I say, I was hungry.

Just before noon, the doc came into my room, asked a few general questions, listened to my lungs and then mentioned that patients that are asymptomatic and are waiting on CDC testing results for Corona Virus screening are sent home to self isolate while waiting for the results.

Yes, I asked if that meant I was going home. It did and I was.

When I was discharged I saw that in addition to pneumonia - both viral and bacterial, I also had acute sepsis. Phew, bullet dodged.

Tonight (Thursday, March 12, 2020) I'll be hosting a Tavern Chat Hangout on the Tavern's Discord Server at 9PM Eastern. I'm in a very good mood :)

That being said, I am beat to hell. I'll be keeping a light schedule for the next week or two.

Thanks for all of the kind thoughts, good wishes, and prayers. It all helped and is greatly appreciated.


  1. Glad that you're feeling better! Sepsis is no fun, been there, done that got the t-shirt... twice.

    No go be a hermit under doctor's orders!

  2. Would you say you’re asymptomatic?

    1. at this point? never had a fever, no more shortness of breath, no wheeze or rattle. Yeah, I'd say so

  3. Stay strong, Bartender. Glad you're home.

  4. Glad you've turned the corner and have the bug on the run. Hang in there!


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