Monday, February 24, 2020

State of the Tavern Keeper - I Need a Scroll Protection from URI

So, there I was in my GP's office, shortly after noon, telling him my trials and tribulations and my weekend trip to Urgent Care but 5 minutes from the TotalCon venue - and he already had the faxed paperwork in my folder.

"K, let me listen to your lungs. Yep, there is fluid there, but less than was indicated on Saturday. Shortness of breath, you say? Yep, goes along with an Upper Respiratory Infection. It's viral, so no prescription meds. Just keep with the original prescribed over the counter recommendations. Get plenty of rest and fluids. Time is your friend."

Then he offered me a note for work before remembering that I'm retired ;)

What does this mean for all things Tavern?

I was hoping to host this year's Swords & Wizardry Appreciation Day this Saturday. It ain't happening. We are punting to March 14th. Sorry about that, but it gives everyone more time to prepare and gives me time to heal.

The Tavern Chat Podcast. I'll need voicemails to get me through the next few days/week maybe. Old topics, new topics - doesn't matter - I need them all. Less talking I need to do, the more likely we keep the daily podcast from skipping a day here and there over this.

‪(347) 509-5168‬ is the Google Number for voicemails.

Want to leave a voicemail via Anchor? If you have the app on your phone, just use that or, use your computer. The link is here: https://anchor.fm/tavernchat

Blog posting shouldn't be impaired but you never know...

Thanks for reading :)


  1. Go get some Elderberry capsules and nano silver. Supposed to fight viral infections. Look it up.

  2. I've been struggling with a bad flu bug this year also - zero energy but I am gradually feeling better. Hope you are too!


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