Saturday, November 2, 2019

Kickstarter - Gelatinous Cube Soap: With Polyhedral Dice Inside

"I want to make Monster shaped soap with dice inside for people who play tabletop RPGs!"

Where do I start?

The low bar of creating a monster in RPGs is the gelatinous cube. It's a fucking cube.

I really don't look forward to using soap where a d4 may become part of my cleaning ritual. It simply sounds painful.

Cost is about 16 bucks US for the soap with dice. Shipping is almost the cost of the damn soap - so 30 bucks for lime scented soap with dice - that's for a single bar.

I think I'll pass on the Gelatinous Cube Soap Kickstarter. I don't see a need nor desire to rub my body down with dice ;)


  1. Delightfully absurd. Way too expensive to be practical in any way, but the fun and silly factor is the entire point. I hope this doesn't blow up in her face too badly.

  2. This is the kind of thing that would be *really* cool if a friend made it for you by hand. I would appreciate the care. As it is, it is overpriced geek chic.

  3. A real mini-gelatinous cube would be great for cleaning the kitchen floor . ..


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