Sunday, October 27, 2019

Halloween Freebies at DriveThruRPG and Related Storefronts

I've copied the below from The Gaming Gang, which appears to be the most complete list of this year's Halloween Freebies at DriveThruRPG that I can find. Use the links from their page if you wish to put coin in their coffers - assuming you are making purchases along with your free loot ;)

Without further ado, the free loot (links below are affiliate links for The Tavern)

Note: There are RPG freebies hidden in the darnedest places...


Frontpage -> Witch’s HatCastles & Crusades: Night of the Sprits

The Halloween Sale page -> Jack -o-Lantern5E Halloween Mini-Dungeon: The Horror of Ochre Grove

My Library -> Jack-o-LanternSeers & Roebuck: Dust Buster of Holding

Genre: Horror -> Jack-o-LanternThe Measure of a Man (Master)

Account -> Change My Address -> Jack-o-Lantern(5E) BASIC02: A Frightful Time

Account -> Change Newsletter Settings -> Witch’s Hat Deep Magic: Chaos Magic for 5th Edition

About Us -> Jack-O-LanternDoomtown Reloaded: Print & Play Demo

Account -> Select how I wish to be contacted by publishers. ->Witch’s Hat – ETU: Brewhaha

Product Reviews (in the footer under Information) -> PumpkinMothership: Player’s Survival Guide


Frontpage -> Witch’s HatKids on BikesHouse on Poplar Court (RPG adventure)

Halloween sale page -> GhostUnstoppable Origins #1

Horror Genre Search -> Jack-o-Lantern Charismagic: The Death Princess Volume 1 (Collected Edition)

My Library -> Jack-o-LanternGod the Dyslexic Dog Volume 1

About Us -> CandyDeath Vigil #1

Account -> Change My Address-> Jack-o-LanternTales from the Evil Inc Archive: Halloween (Oct. 2013)

Account -> Change Newsletter Settings -> Witch’s Hat Cradlegrave


Frontpage -> Witch’s HatThe Weird Fiction Megapack: 25 Stories from Weird Tales

Halloween sale page -> Jack-o-LanternOutbreak: Undead 2nd Ed – Intro Manual (RPG Quickstart)

Horror Genre Search -> Jack-o-LanternRoyden Poole’s Field Guide to the 25th Hour

My Library -> Jack-o-LanternCabaret of the Grotesque

About Us -> GhostThe Book of Apex: Volume 1 of Apex Magazine

Account-> Change My address -> Jack-o-LanternStar Trek Adventures: Remnants (RPG adventure)

Account-> Change Newsletter-> CandyMonster Academy: I Will Not Eat People

Dungeon Masters Guild

Front Page-> Edition-> Basic/Expert-> BatBlood In The Woods: A Beginner Adventure

Halloween Sale Page -> GhostSongs of Aedragard

Theme-> Horror-> Jack-o-LanternThe Little Astralnaut

My Library -> Jack-o-LanternCurse of the Gumdrop Ooze Revised & Expanded

Account-> My Wishlist -> Jack-o-LanternThe Awakened One: An Otherworldly Patron for D&D 5th Edition

Account-> Products Awaiting Review -> GhostThe Tuskcracker Threat: An Orc Wereboard Cult

Account-> Change My Address -> Jack-o-LanternSpooky, Scary Skeletons

Account-> Change Newsletter -> Witch’s HatCollege of Silence

About Us -> GhostCircle of the Feydark 5e

Our Latest Newsletter (in footer under "Information") -> PumpkinDread Domain: A Cleric Archetype

Account -> Select "How I wish to be contacted by publishers" ->Witch’s HatNightfall

Product Reviews (in footer under Information) -> GhostSecrets of the Blind Palace

Storytellers Vault

Werewolf The Forsaken Line -> BatWhen Will You Rage

Account-> My Wishlist -> Jack-o-LanternHearts on Trial: Changeling the Lost Second Edition Jumpstart

Account-> Products Awaiting Review -> GhostReap the Whirlwind Revised (VtR 2e)

About Us -> GhostBygone Bestiary

Account -> Library Client and App Information -> GhostVampire: The Eternal Struggle Player’s Guide

Account -> (show all orders) -> BatA Changeling: The Dreaming 20th Anniversary Edition Jumpstart

Dark Eras Line -> GhostPax Britannia: Anno Frankenstein

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  1. I don't have a Products Awaiting Review link or button on these sites.


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