Sunday, July 21, 2019

Christmas in July - DTRPG Sale - OSR Highlights

Yep, its that time again - Christmas in July - at least at DTRPG.com. Right now I'm going to link the OSR titles that are part of the sale. If you go to the below link, it will take you right to the OSR releases on sale, with "hottest titles" showing first. Later today I'll start making some "Tavern Picks".

OSR Christmas in July Sale 

If you are mostly focused on Swords & Wizardry, there's a link for that too ;)

Swords & Wizardry Christmas in July Sale

Main Christmas in July Sale Link

Even Swords & Wizardry Continual Light is on sale for 1.88 in PDF :)

Those certainly are affiliate links above. Shopping via The Tavern's affiliate links keeps the taps flowing here at The Tavern. I thank you in advance.

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