Thursday, May 30, 2019

WFRP The Enemy Within Collector’s Edition - 10 Books - 750 Bucks

I really shouldn't be tempted by the WFRP The Enemy Within Collector’s Edition. Certainly, the $750 price point should have me turn away quickly and. I mean, who the FUCK puts down 750 bucks for an RPG campaign?

But it IS Warhammer, and not the abomination that was WFRP 3e.

Oh, and it is the Enemy Within Campaign, one of the best - if not the best - fantasy campaign for ANY system.

You can also buy it piecemeal, and each of the five adventure books is matched with a companion book. 10 books. Damn.

Each set of two books is $150, so there is no savings in preordering the set, but then you don't get:
Developer Diaries 
If you buy the complete Enemy Within Collector’s Edition, we will send you regular Developer Diaries. These are emailed updates from WFRP Producer Andy Law detailing the progress of the new version of the campaign, including exclusive art previews, developer and artist interviews, production commentaries, amusing asides, and so much more. The Developer Diaries provide you with a unique insight into exactly what is included in the Director’s Cut of The Enemy Within, and why. 
So, do you want to know how Bögenhafen is being updated? Or what maps will be included? Or what new Chaos cults are included? Or what happens in the two new additions to the campaign, The Horned Rat and Empire in Ruins? If so, then the Developer Diaries are for you.

I need to run a GoFundMe ;)


  1. I'd offer to contribute to your Go Fund Me, but I need to save the money for my own copy. I want them, I could afford them, I'd prefer not to have my wife kill me.

  2. But if she did, you would go to your rest safe in the knowledge that there isn't a court in the land who would convict her.

  3. Me: Fuck modules! I'm never running that shit again! I'll only run my own stuff!

    Cubicle 7: *re-releases TEW*

    Me: *considers second mortgage*

  4. I misread the price the first time. Then I realized the price was only for the first 2 books.


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