Sunday, April 7, 2019

Kickstarter - Maximum HP - RPG Zine Issue 001 (OSR / 1e)

I do love zines. They bring me back to my college days, when one could go to game stores like The Complete Strategist and find a score or more different RPG magazine, professional and self-published, on the magazine rack. Of course, I never had enough cash to buy . all the ones that I wanted, but they gave an amazing bang for the buck in any case.

Maximum HP is a zine I would have purchased back in the day and I am backing it today.

Seriously. A 1e zine and the first issue is dwarven themed? How can I not? heh
In our inaugural issue, we explore the dwarven community of Dwarfhome mountain in Artera. We chose to focus on dwarves this issue because there are so many possible directions to go with them rather than presenting them as just dour short people with Scottish accents. Though we focus on Dwarfhome, the information and quest provided can be inserted into any dwarven society to bring life to your old school campaigns.
From here we catalyze your creativity with our world of imagination, ideas, and quests. 
So, grab your dice good adventurer, grab your books good GMs, and get ready for Maximum HP!! 
Welcome to Artera, welcome to Fail Squad Games! 
Each issue is 5.5″ x 8.5″ (Booklet size) paperback with a card stock gloss color cover and Black & White interior. We are at 31-32 pages of content before ads this issue. Expect the contents to be gritty for your Advanced RPG game but the zine to be polished for smooth play. 
This first introductory issue will be perfect bound and printed on high quality paper with a full color card stock cover. It hardly qualifies as a 'zine, but we want our milestone issues to be special. 
PDF is 3 bucks. Print is 6 bucks. Print plus PDF is 9 bucks. 4 bucks for shipping in the US.

I'm in for 30 myself - taking out a quarter page ad ;)

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