Friday, September 7, 2018

Flash Giveaway - Humble RPG Book Bundle: Pathfinder 2018 By Frog God Games

Yep, I have another code for a Humble Bundle to giveaway. This time it's the Humble RPG Book Bundle: Pathfinder 2018 By Frog God Games.

We are giving away the full 15 buck bundle. All you need do is name your favorite Frog God Product, regardless of system, as a comment below prior to 1 PM Eastern tomorrow morning. One random commenter will be gifted.

Yes, it is for Pathfinder, but any DM with their salt should be able to convert to the OSR ruleset of their choice on the fly and you can't beat the price.

Note, if you make a purchase via The Tavern's Humble Bundle affiliate link, a portion of your purchase price goes to support The Tavern. Also, it appears we've been getting more gift codes from Humble Bundle due to the use of The Tavern's affiliate links. I thank you.


  1. Swords & Wizardry: Complete Rulebook

  2. Tome of Horrors revised. It showcased the greatest strength of the OGL and has been used an uncountable number of times.

  3. AK1: The Brain Gorger’s Appetite

  4. Current favorite is Cults of Sundered Kingdoms. It's got a lot of history and background, and an adventure path to boot.

  5. Lost City of Barakus. Rare to find a city + macro-dungeon for low-level characters.

  6. The Grey Citadel, I just hope they update it and it's sequel for 5e/S&W.

  7. Razor Coast is rather interesting.

  8. I have a special place in my heart for the 3.0 system and books. I loved the old Deadman's Chest book as a template for water environments.

  9. I would have to go with Swords & Wizardry Complete.


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