Tuesday, September 4, 2018

Flash Giveaway - Humble Digital Tabletop Bundle - 18 hours (more or less) to Comment

We are giving away (with the generosity of Humble Bundle) a $15 key to the Humble Digital Tabletop Bundle. All you need do is comment on which game in the Digital Tabletop Bundle you would really like to play - or already like to play. One random commenter will be gifted sometime tomorrow afternoon (I have an appointment in the morning, so upon my return ;)

You can use the link here: to see which games are in the bundle. If you decide to purchase this bundle (or another bundle) a portion of the monies you spend will go to support The Tavern.

Good luck to all. I may have another flash giveaway tomorrow ;)


  1. I would love Sentinels of the Multiverse

  2. Mysterium - a game of Clue where Mr. Body is one of the players....

  3. I am a big talisman fan. I would love to play that.

  4. Talisman. I've only played the board game once and had to leave before finishing the game.

  5. Ticket to Ride and Carcassonne are two of my Favorites and Talisman was my first Fantasy Board Game.

  6. I'd love to play the pathfinder game. I already have Talisman

  7. I am in. Also already own Talisman.

  8. I'm in ... ticket to ride is a favourite ...

  9. time is up - new give away tonight



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