Thursday, December 21, 2017

Wherein I Receive a Surprisingly Honest Answer From Anuj (re: Top 100 RPG Blog List)

"Not everyone is paid. We compiled the list organically."

Which means, the top of the list is just that - and the rest of the list is paid for.

So, yes - ENWorld, The Pundit, Dieheart and others made the list legitimately - but sadly, the list itself is illegitimate.

You can't have a legit Top 100 of Anything list when part of the list is paid for. It should have stopped at top 20 or top 25.

What surprises me the most is that a site would give itself props for making a list without actually looking at the list. When a Top 100 List for RPG Blogs tops out at 75, when the bottom of the list has little if any actual web traffic, you think you might ask questions before patting yourself on the back.

The sad thing is, the top sites don't need the extra traffic, the bottom sites don't deserve it and the middle sites SHOULD be highlighted - but not this way.

Props to Anuj for being honest when asked. Shame he isn't as honest with the list itself.

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