Thursday, December 14, 2017

On the First Day of OSR Christmas, My DM Gave to Me...

OSR Christmas, Day I - what does OSR Santa have in his bag today?

1 - Print Copy of Swords & Wizardry Continual Light (US Only - others will receive an RPGNow GC for $7)

1 - Print Copy of The Midderlands (US Only - if outside the US a PDF copy will be substituted and the print copy goes back in the mix) (Note! May not ship until after Christmas)

1 - $10 Gift Certificate to the Frog God Store

For the above, comment below with your Holiday wishes before 11 AM Eastern, Friday December 15th, 2017. Gift receivers will be randomly chosen from the comments placed in that time.

Additionally, the Gaming Ballistic Blog is gifting on their end:
This year, my Dungeon Grappling and Lost Hall of Tyr products are participating in Erik Tenkar’s 12 Days of OSR Christmas. 
And today’s day 1. 
Each day I’ll be giving away a PDF of one of these products, and every third day (16th, 19th, 22nd, 25th) I’ll give away a physical copy of one of the two! 
Leave a comment to be considered for the drawing each day!
So, leave your daily comments at Gaming Ballistic and get in the mix!

It's quite possible I missed a gift or two on this list - if I missed something (or you still want to add to the OSR Santa list - email me at tenkarsDOTtavern at that Gmail thing with "OSR Christmas" in the title. I've been messaged through Facebook, G Plus and other email addresses and such is the way of madness. Trust me on this. I suspect one or more has slipped through the cracks ;)

If you want to run the giveaway for your gift(s) on your own site, please email me at tenkarsDOTtavern at that gmail thing and let me know how and when you want to do so.

Recent addition:

Brett Slocum          (1) The Petal Hack - Print

Prior in the mix

Grim & Perilous      (1) Zweihänder Grim & Perilous RPG - core book PDF
                                 (1) Zweihänder Grim & Perilous RPG - GM screen PDF
                                 and possibly Arcane and Divine Magick cards PDF

Barrel Rider Games (4) White Star Galaxy Edition PDFs
                                 (2) The Hero's Journey PDFs

@Padre's                (1) $25 RPGNow Gift Certificate

Edwin Nagy            (1) Return From Dragonmount - Print       

Frog God Games:  (1) Copy of The Blight - for Swords & Wizardry - Hardcover / Print
                                (2) $20 Gift Certificates to the Frog God Store
                                (4) $10 Gift Certificates to the Frog God Store

Silver Bulette        (2) Copies Orb of Undying Discord (PDF)
                               (2) Copies of their next release (PDF)

Gaming Ballistic   (2) Copies Dungeon Grappling in Print - (6) Copies of DG in PDF
                               (2) Copies Lost Hall of Tyr in Print - (6) Copies of LHoT in PDF

Precis Intermedia(1) Choice of one issue of RPG Pundit Presents in PDF
(Brett Bernstein)   (1) Supergame: Super-Powered RPG (Classic Reprint) in PDF

Crossplanes          (6) Copies Wizardry Unearthed in PDF

The Tavern           (6) Copies Swords & Wizardry Continual Light in Print

The Tavern
Monkeyblood Design (1) Copy Midderlands in Print


  1. Happy Holidays to everyone, and hoping for a fantastic New Year!

  2. May the flame warm our hearts
    And may the light remind us
    Of the ever-returning sun
    Happy Winter Solstice

  3. Santa willing, I will win big this season HO HO HO

  4. Cool beans! Happy Holidays and good tidings.

  5. The King shall come when morning dawns and light triumphant breaks,
    When beauty gilds the eastern hills and life to joy awakes.
    Not as of old, a little child: to bear, and fight and die,
    But crowned with glory like the sun that lights the morning sky.

    Happy Advent, everybody!

  6. My Christmas wish is to have more time to actually game.

  7. Merry OSR Christmas! Thanks for doing this, Erik and friends.

  8. May Santa Dwarf bring everyone a Vorpal Sword...(thanks to Erik and the publishers for their donations)

  9. Holiday wishes:
    Well my first wish is for more wishes. Not just holiday wishes. How about every day wishes.

    Happy non-denominational colder for the northern hemisphere time of year.

  10. Merry Christmas everyone! I hope this holiday season brings your families closer together

  11. Merry Christmas and I hope St. Nicholas graces us all with his presence this year!

  12. I sure but monkeys wish, I wish I had more time to game

  13. Happy Holidays to everyone who's got them around now. :)

  14. woo hoo, the best season of the year!

  15. Happy Holidays and may the beer always flow cold and fresh!

  16. I have a US address...
    Maybe Santa will come visit :D

  17. Merry Paladin Christmas to all, and to all a good smite.

  18. Rah! Another wonderful OSR Christmas begins!

  19. Happy holidays to all! Enjoy your choice of personal festivities and hoppe everyone gets in some gaming!

  20. I wish a certain you know who would finish their Kickstarter for Xmas.

  21. Awesome offerings! Thanks to everyone who put in, and thanks to Erik for putting this on year after year.

    Midderlands? S&W Continual Light? How’s a guy supposed to choose!

  22. Peace on earth, goodwill towards men and elves and dwarves.

  23. May Christmas and all of the Holidays bring fun gaming to all!

  24. Have an awesome Yule! Grog and cake!

  25. A very happy solstice from your pagan friends.

  26. Peace and happiness to you and yours

  27. Santa, I'm tired of getting socks...bring me some OSR goodies!

  28. This is how adults get excited for Christmas! Happy holidays everyone!

  29. A decent lineup of gifts this year.

  30. I appreciate your holiday generosity!

  31. Love this time of year. Looking forward to seeing you at NTRPGCON 2018


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