Sunday, July 2, 2017

Apparently, I am a "Gainfully Employed Geek" ;)

So, we spent some time in Honesdale, PA yesterday. We had the car for a few hours and Rach wanted to hit the homemade soap shop which expanded to homemade teas, iced teas and some pastries (that's the iced tea above - yum)

Rach was already known so she introduced me to the two proprietors as her retired husband. When I explained I had been a cop neither thought I looked like one ;)

When asked what I did to keep busy, I mentioned I wrote games - Dungeons & Dragons (the universal example)

"Oh, so you are a gainfully employed geek!"


I certainly don't make enough from blogging or writing to live on but it is enough to supplement my pension with some discretionary funds.

Gainfully Employed Geek. I actually like the title...


  1. Best cops don't look like cops fools the bad guys.Like my accountant always said it doesn't matter how little you get paid as long as you like doing it and you are doing it for yourself

  2. Been living the dream for 27 years. Now I'm off to sip snapple in my plastic wading pool...

  3. Honesdale, PA: Former home of WEG and d6 Star Wars RPG!

    Have fun, G.E.G.!

    1. The old Scholastic Publishing building.

      I playtested a Paranoia adventure when they were still in Manhattan.

    2. That's neat. I didn't know either tidbit. I hope you're enjoying your long weekend, Erik.

  4. Happy 4th of July and thanks for your service to the country as an officer and your service to this hobby and community!


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