Friday, January 13, 2017

Bundle of Holding - Adventurer Conquerer King System - ACKS Collection

I can't believe I would have missed. this if it hadn't been pointed out in a comment on the previous post. I used to check the Bundle of Holding site every few days but I've gotten lazy. In any case...

Grab this bundle!

ACKS is a great system, kinda like Labyrinth Lord with racial classes (note, I didn't say Race as Class - there is a difference and ACKS handles it well) Then you have the ACKS Player's Companion. You want a set of rules, charts, costs and balance checks to create new classes for the OSR game of your choice? This is the book for you.

Looking to handle larger combats or military actions? Check out the Domains of War books. Lairs & Encounters is practically worth the price of admission to the Bonus Collection (currently just under $20) on its own. Don't forget Dwimmermount. Even if you don't run it as is there's simply a huge amount of material to mine.

I strongly suggest the Bonus Collection if you can afford it.

You have just over 17 days to close the deal, but don't wait too long... you might forget ;)


  1. I remember Dwimmermount... the early version.

  2. Already on board, if just to compare versions of Dwimmermount.

  3. I have such a huge crush on this ruleset, but have yet to run or play it...though I have every book on my shelf.

  4. I wish I didn't already have all that in print and pdf so I could buy it.

  5. Ooh, cool! Just ordered mine! With a $30 donation to help out and get the bonuses! Thanks for the link!


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