Friday, December 23, 2016

Far West - Blame the Delay on the 2016 Presidential Elections - Maybe - But We DO Have an Update

Hold your loved ones.


Because apparently 2016 was just such a year.

Does Gareth come out and blame his depression on the 2016 elections?


But it certainly seems to be be the theme.

Ah well. Trump is as valid an excuse for 5 years of delays as anything else we've seen from Gareth. Hell, I'm willing to bet if he could find a way to pin Trump for 5 years of delays, he would. Its at least as valid as Con Crud.

Do I expect to see anything by the end of the year?

Fuck no!

I could be surprised, but I doubt it.

Still, lets punt the ball. I'll hold my family close there holidays, but it has NOTHING to do with 2016, Far West or any other debacle. I'll hold them close because I love them.


  1. Considering the attrition rate of Kickstarter sponsors, I think he's lucky he did not lose his mother twice, stay in the hospital three times and suffer five other random family tragedies.

    Sarcasm aside, I feel sorry for these Kickstarter guys because they promise too much and it hurts them. Some online friends have been destroyed by their Kickstarter campaigns, which they sponsored with great hopes and good will.

    The moral of the story is promise less and do not start the campaign until the writing is complete.

  2. This comment has been removed by the author.

  3. *plays "Syncopated Clock" as he waits for KW and GG to use the Election and/or depression on reasons why their 'projects' are taking too long. *

  4. Don't know about others but my job didn't stop with the election. Sure wish I had the luxuries Gareth seems to be implying.

  5. Where does GG blame Trump? Is this the 'last few months' comment?

  6. I had a great 2016, what's his problem?


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