Friday, April 4, 2014

The Lost City of Barakus Kickstarter Just Ran Out of Stretch Goals ;)

The Lost City of Barakus Kickstarter just surpassed it final posted stretch goal at 30K.

So far, between the "hit 15k in 24 hrs goal" which was hit and all of the stretch goals, the following have been added:

- player maps

- player guide (free in PDF)

- bonus dungeon level 4B

- 4 new wilderness encounters of 2k-4k words each

not too shabby - +Bill Webb needs to add some more ;)


  1. He should definitely follow the trend of adding a bunch of stuff that makes this go over budget and over schedule.

    With any luck he can add so much new content, it will takes years to write and produce new art.

  2. I would be mighty surprised if he was not already prepared for this eventuality. This isn't his first dance as they say...z

  3. Definitely no more stretch goals. In this situation always ask yourself, "what would +Kevin Crawford do?". He would not cave to pressure to pile on stretch goals that no one wanted on the first place and end up collapsing the project. My advice to +Bill Webb is trouser the.surplus and/or roll it forward to the next project.


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