Wednesday, December 11, 2013

Death in RPGs is Not an End But a New Beginning With Cheese Dip

Last weekend in +Joe D 's Blood Island game, my character Rath came to an end. He fought the good fight, but the life expectancy of a level 1 adventurer in ANY OSR game isn't all that high, and LotFP Weird Fantasy is probably more lethal than most.

So, what does one do when their character takes the big dirt nap?

Roll up a new one!

Seriously, I understand the loss of a character, even one that has only seen a few sessions use, can be annoying, even sad. I however, embrace it.

Besides, I rolled a new character with decent combat related ability scores, a 5 in INT and WIS, made him a berserker with a fondness for cheese dip and named him "Gru". Hell, he's practically written himself ;)


  1. Sounds like some sort of mendicant.

  2. Didn't this kind of prove the opposite point though?

    You had to make up a new character and all you could think of was a comic book character? And what happens when he dies? Batman? Wolverine?

  3. My 1st level fighter survived five trips into the Caves of Chaos, (first time gaming in oh twenty years)managed to win enough loot to have some plate mail made, outfitted the retainers with crossbows, and chain. Only 700 pts. to go till 2nd level. Zombie delivers 7 points of damage on the sixth excursion, dirt nap. While the rest of the party retreated back to the keep and counted xp's I rolled up a cleric in five minutes. Got some zombie hunting to do!

  4. Yeah, can't be a damn wussy with your characters. If a group of people go into a hole where there are all sorts of monsters their life expectancy is dropping drastically. If you don't want to take chances and fear death, roll up a washer woman and collect XP by washing other folks' shorts.

    1. In ACKS, you'll get the next level of Washerwoman proficiency after 5 years, the next 10 years later, and a final 'level' after a nother 20. That's a lot of clothes.

      And I think you'll still have to roll on the wandering monster charts...


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