Thursday, August 4, 2011

Flipping the Virtual Pages of the Tome of Horrors Complete PDF (Swords & Wizardry)

I spent some more time with the Tome of Horrors Complete PDF (S&W) last nite, this time on my 28" computer screen instead of my iPad. Some of my new thoughts on it:

The artwork really is damn nice overall. I've always been partial to B&W illustrations over color, and this book just reinforces that. I'm going to repeat myself - I want the opportunity to purchase some original pieces of some prints ;)

Bookmarking - very nicely done. A PDF of this size needs bookmarks and I'm glad to see it was done. Certainly makes flipping thru the virtual pages easier.

Pricing - I got my PDF for free as I paid for (and I'm waiting on) the print version, which if I recall correctly was around 90 bucks. The PDF just showed up on RPGNow for $30. A steep price to be sure, but right around the price that the C&C Castle Keeper's Guide sold for, and that was less then half the size. Or, to put it another way, the PDF is being sold at a 67% discount or so from the limited edition printed book price, which isn't a bad discount - it's just a high starting point.

I believe Paizo is taking orders of the Pathfinder version of ToHC and is including the PDF copy with their orders.

It's going to take me a long time to plow thru this book ;)


  1. Tenkar > The book is a beast. I only browsed the first few pages last night, but I like it so far, but really really want the hardcover in my hands.

  2. The artwork is very nice but what I especially like is the little adventure blurb that goes with each creature.

  3. Gotta tell ya, John, Gary & I had a blast writing those monster encounters/lairs. Haven't seen the finished book yet, but I hope once everyone gets a chance to sit down and absorb all those lairs that they'll see some of the odd touches Gary & I especially found ways to work in. There are reoccurring characters, places, and even some regions from our Splinters of Faith series that we used. And we're even thinking of expanding a few into full adventures for another series of loosely interconnected modules. Share some of the lairs you like best, we'd love to hear them. Enjoy!

    Jeff Harkness


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