Friday, June 3, 2011

Blogger Has Become a Serious PITA These Days

I like Blogger, really I do. It's much easier for the novice to use then Wordpress IMHO, but that strength is also its weakness these days.

Last weekend I had to use my google-fu to find HTML code that Blogger had apparently dropped willie-nillie from my blog, thereby preventing me from commenting on my own blog posts.

Last nite I was informed by Greg (he of the Errant RPG, Synapse and many others) that no one was able to comment on my latest posts. Blogger was at it again. Now I have my comments set to pop out, which seems to be working for now, but it is far from my ideal solution.

Maybe Google should get their shit together before rolling out updates to Blogger that are all buggered up, or is that just too much to ask?


  1. Google has been a pain in the ass for a while now. You're right - they need to stop fiddling with things and fix bugs.

    For what it's worth, recent updates to Wordpress have made it an even bigger pain in the ass - the interface is so loaded up with stuff that it's sluggish with lag.

  2. Thing I hate about wordpress is if you click on a post's label/tag it searches all of wordpress, not just the blog you're reading. Sure that might be helpful at times, but not if you are trying to find this persons older post on the same subject.

  3. Thought I would drop a line for test purposes. I wonder what is causing this.

    And the Wordpress situation is becoming like MySpace-way to much crap that screws up the pages, makes finding the archive like looking for buried treasure in Egypt, etc. I'm all but decided to stop reading anything posted with them and that would suck...some of my favorite blogs use that mess :(

  4. If you want your comments in line instead of a popout, there's a fix here: http://www.google.com/support/forum/p/blogger/thread?tid=12a42809166b40d3&hl=en

  5. I would suggest a self-hosted wordpress-powered website. I did this about 6 months ago and have really happy.

  6. Yes, creating a Wordpress based theme is the backbone of the new White Haired Man website. We love being able to write and showcase articles that relate to our experiences with the gaming industry and creation of our products.

    We are careful not too many distractions that would ultimate dilute our brand and clutter the page.


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