Thursday, April 21, 2011

Whereupon the Kitty Became a Tigress

This morning was the yearly vet visit for my kitty Ashley (who as graced this blog in the past).  I'm up here in the Poconos, where the vets are nicer (and cheaper) then the Big City.

The appointment was for 1050 - by 0950 Ashley was nowhere to be found.  My mother's 2 cats didn't have a care in the world, but mine somehow read it was vet day, and promptly found herself a new hiding spot.  It took me nearly half an hour to find her.

I knew it wasn't going to go well as Ashly tried to take a swipe (through her case) at a 200+ pound pony that the owner insisted was actually a breed of mastiff.  Yep, my kitty was primed.

She handled the vet tech well that weighed her - 9.7 pounds, and seemed to calm down as we awaited the vet.  In comes the vet to sweet talk her and her hiss was fairly impressive.  The vet tech went to get a towel to try to restrain her for the exam and shots and then quickly moved up to the leather gloves that went past her elbows.  I wasn't going to ask for the usual nail trim at that point.

Just what I look for in my mornings... feline stress.  Once we were home, my weretiger was back to normal, no stress and no grudges for her ordeal.

Just think, last year the vet was so impressed with Ashley's markings she must have brought it up three times during the exam.  This year, they couldn't finish the exam quickly enough.

This post alone will probably keep me off the the RPG Bloggers Network as being too little game related.  Trust me tho', this incident will find its way into a game session in some form or another ;)


  1. I am amused with your final comment.

  2. Had a very similar experience when we took our feline friend to the vet recently.

  3. I am amused by your second to last comment :)


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