Saturday, November 27, 2010

What I Learned Changing a Lightbulb

Well, I just spent 45 minutes on my back changing a fog light lamp in my car. What a total PITA! Lying on the cold ground, working with little light in a cramped spot trying to get a tension rod to stay in place, a thought occurred to me...

This is the exact same crap that thieves in fantasy RPGs have to do. Except if they fail, they are risking more then a broken light.

This also changes my perspective on a thief's abilities. Given enough time, almost any trap or lock could probably be bypassed by a thief, but in most cases, they don't have much time. Therefore the relatively low success chances at low levels... They don't have the speed yet.

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  1. Perhaps a supplemental rule allowing a fresh roll of the dice every turn - assuming the effort isn't distracted (and perhaps with a cumulative 5% bonus per consecutive/undisturbed turn spent)?

  2. I stopped playing D&D regulary with 2e. 3/3.5 were collected and read more then played. Taking 20 is still a forge in concept to me;)

  3. Replacing that stupid light was probably harder than picking most locks back in the day honestly~ Time crunch is an issue, but then again so is broken and stuck tools since the steel isn't quite as good, and the lock mechanics were typically not tumblers.


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