Wednesday, October 6, 2010

Mini Review - The Inn of Lost Heroes

The Inn of Lost Heroes is a Labyrinth Lord Adventure for 3-6 character of 3rd to 5th level.  As this is October, this is a horror themed adventure, which may or may not suit your group and play style.  The author is very up front with that.  From the blurb:

Everyone loves a good barroom brawl. But what happens when the fight gets out of hand and innocents are harmed? Witness the innkeeper's wife Evelyn Mortigan. When her entire family is killed in a fire caused by drunken adventurers, she utters a curse with her dying breath and returns to torment all those who would practice the adventuring trade. Can the characters escape her wrath, or will they be forever trapped in the Inn of Lost Heroes?

The Inn of Lost Heroes is a Labyrinth LordTM adventure for 4-6 characters of 3rd through 5th level (about 15-20 levels total). This adventure was designed as a one-shot that can be dropped into any existing campaign. The party should ideally contain at least one fighter or dwarf, one magic-user or elf, one cleric, and one thief or halfling character. The adventure centers around an inn that has become trapped in the nightmares of a vengeful spirit. Escaping the inn is the primary goal of this adventure, however, resourceful characters may also find the courage to free the trapped souls of former adventurers and finally lay the spirit to rest.

Author's Note: Know your group! This adventure begins by trapping the characters in an extraplanar dream world where some of the game mechanics they are accustomed to are slightly altered or do not work at all. It contains strong elements of horror as well as thematic material that may be disturbing to some. Common horror tropes of isolation, injury, and "taking the toys away" are also present. This is not an adventure that can be overcome by combat alone. If you suspect your players would not have fun with this type of setup, you may want to pass on this module.

Definitely not your run of the mill advnture, it might prove a nice change of pace for the proper group.

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  1. That's an intriguing sounding adventure!

  2. Hi Tenkar, thanks for posting this and posting that link to my Blood Moon Rising adventure. The Inn of Lost Heroes is sort of a tribute to Silent Hill (even though the scope is a LOT smaller). Love to hear your thoughts on either adventure if you get a chance to look them over.



  3. It's uploaded to my ipad. Hopefully I'll get some reading time in over the holiday weekend


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