Saturday, October 16, 2010

Back to Basics

It's funny, but the most annoying part of my current obsession with Tunnels & Trolls is the noticeable lack of GM run adventures.  Ton's of solos, not so many for groups.

Then I realized something.  It's a matter of simplicity to change any Old School D&D module to T&T.  Assign the creature an MR, decide if it has any special abilities that will come into play with the roll of an assigned number of natural "6's" and you are pretty good to go.

I mean, D&D (2e and earlier) is my native born language, but I've become fairly fluent in T&T, and translating between the two doesn't appear to be to difficult (at least from D&D to T&T).

What this means is that with minimal work, I have a nearly limitless source of gaming adventures for use with T&T.  In theory at least.  I need to put the theory to the test.

Anyhow, the 7.5e review will continue, probably later today.  Oh, and some thoughts on D&D B/X (as i have the Expert rules now - never did have it back in the day - AD&D was the big boys' game)


  1. I did this before. It was the Arneson tribute that Michael Curtis did, the Fane of St. Toad. Worked like a charm.

  2. good to know. now i need to figure which to translate.

  3. I will have to dig out my notes to be sure, but I remember doing much of it by just off the cuff conversion.

    Base your idea on the amount of HD/HP and you have some idea how much tougher than the party the monster is. Then add the most important schtick the monster has as something triggered by Spite Damage and you have covered most bases.

  4. thanks for the ideas. I'm looking forward to this... maybe B2 will fall to the conversion :)


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