Sunday, August 29, 2010

Blog Spotlight - Destination Unknown

If you care about Role Playing Games, if you want free resources lovingly prepared, if you want to read a blog from a gamer that writes from the heart, destination unknown by Christian is the destination for you.



Christian has been floating around the RPG fanzine sphere for years.  I stumbled across Scrollworks back around 2001 i do believe.  The damn digest sized magazines were addictive reading, and were a bathroom staple for years after Christian stopped publishing them.  I really wish I had kept them all, but most appear to have found their way to the land of stray socks.  The good news is, Christain has posted  these on his blog for easy downloading along with Iron Rations and Iridia.  The man is EXTREMELY productive.  If you have never read his works you are doing yourself and your gaming group a huge disservice.  Do it now.  Read a piece or two.  I can wait...

Back?  Excellent.  These days destination unknown is not just his blog but also his latest zine.  So yes, more reading for you.  See, the man hooks you up.

Did I mention the mini-supplememnts he produced and has available for free download (just like everything else on his site)?  The Free City of Haldane is for use in your Labyrinth Lord Campaign (but usable with any classic OSR ruleset - you know the drill).  I personally love this piece and it will definitely get used in my next campaign.  Faces in the Crowd Vol. 1 is for use in a World of Darkness campaign, but I still found things I could steal for my upcoming C&C game.

Oh, and cats.  The man likes cats.  I can always trust cat people ;)

Christian also has a cooking blog.  One day I will try one of his recipes.  Probably the hot and sour soup one will be the first.


  1. Wow! Thanks!

    Seriously, what kind words. :) I really appreciate it. You currently hold the distinction of being the longest reader of my mad scribblings. Matt B. comes in right after you, but you have impressive tenure, sir.

    Thank you again!!!

  2. Holy crap! I had no idea of my tenure status. Woot! I'm number 1! :)

    Christian, you deserve a huge readership. HUGE! I'm an advocate of free stuff, and you sir, are the King of free stuff.

    That you happen to be an all around decent guy is just a bonus ;)

  3. As a side note, Scrollworks helped me in the days after 9-11. 16+ hr days, 6 days a week, relationship that was over before I even had my next day off, the loss of one of my core group of friends when the towers fell... yet a piece of mail in my mailbox discussing D&D of all things... it helped ground me (and back then, all my reading time was bathroom time... i had to multi-task what little "me time" i had ;)

    I blog because I don't have the discipline to actually write... you have the ability to do both... god bless ya :)

  4. Thanks, man. I really appreciate that.


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