Thursday, May 20, 2010

GADD - Gamer's Attention Deficit Disorder

It's amazing how easily I am distracted from my original idea of reviewing some of the major VTTs. Instead I find myself reading more and more PDFs as they are released, or as I stumble across them.

I'll try to focus myself. No promises. ;)

Still, I found another treasure trove of free RPG goodness over the last two evenings, so it isn't all bad. I'll try and link that up over the weekend.


  1. I suffer from this as well, though mostly with books rather than PDFs. (If there is a print option, I'll take it!) I even have the summer off and I'm still not getting everything read!

  2. I'm reading the PDFs on the iPad... the closest I've gotten book quality with PDFs... it's very nice

  3. If I had something like an iPad, I imagine I'd like PDFs a whole lot better. However, my inherent fear and resistance of new technology will keep me from it for another generation or two of the readers.

    (Heck, I didn't have a mobile phone until the age of 23- scandalous!)


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