Tuesday, May 18, 2010

Real Life Intrussion

So, I'm about to leave work when my cellphone rings - I don't know the number, but I pick up anyway - which is rare.

"Trace the phone and wipe it!  I think he had a gun, or maybe a knife... CLICK!"  Yep, my son's phone call put me into panic mode.  Rain kept my commute home at a standstill.

Long story short:  my son had his cellphone snatched in the NYC Subway this afternoon by another "youth".  He was going to fight for it when something didn't seem right to him, and he stood down and let it go.  In the end he thinks the other kid had a knife, as he didn't run and was enjoying the confrontation.  My son then used one of those rare payphones you occasionally find in NYC to tell me briefly what happened.

Discretion, the better part of valor.  Property can be replaced.  People can't.

Of course, I'm a father and a sucker, so tomorrow I'll be supplying my kid with a new phone... no contract discount... ouch!

The thing is, after I was comfortable with the idea he was OK, after he talked about what happened, the story he painted, the details he remembered (and those he couldn't), were laid out like a damn good DM setting the scene for the party's latest encounter.  My son weaves an entertaining story.

My kid get's robbed, and I think about his gaming potential at the table. ;)

Most importantly, he is fine, and learned a lesson about showing valuables in public.  Course, my wallet is paying for that lesson...


  1. I am really sorry that happened to your son. It sounds like he handled it well, though. Good job, dad!

  2. Yeah, I'm proud of him. He seems to have learned his lesson in the "don't show valaubles in public" sense of it.

    Cour6se, I'm a few bucks lighter in the wallet after replacing the phone ;)

  3. I'm not sure who your cell provider is, but Verizon has an insurance thing you can pay for monthly and I know my kid is "expected" to lose a phone at least once a year. It makes the premium worth it.

  4. AT&T and an iPhone = high deductible

    I'm better off putting aside 20 a month in preparation of the next loss ;)

  5. All that was missing in his phone call was 'take the cannoli'.

  6. Tim, thank God I read yor post before, and not while, eating breakfast. I would have choked! Heh


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