Thursday, April 29, 2010

Geek Anticiation - Awaiting the iPad 3G

Yep.  I've gone off the deep end of Apple Geekdom.  I was doing OK until December of 2008, when my son convinced me to get iPhones.  Then there was the Macbook this past fall.  Now I await tomorrow's iPad delivery.

I'm excited for the techie geekness of it, but I'm even more excited with ability to read my PDFs in a native format.  Don't get me wrong, I've enjoyed reading most of the RPG PDfs I've placed on my Kindle DX, but the iPad should blow that away.

I fully expect tomorrow's posting will be a review of the suitability of the iPad to read PDFs.  Probably a quick review of some appropriate PDF reading apps.  Some pics of the iPad with some PDFs displayed. 

I never wanted to turn into an Apple fanboy.  Really I didn't.

I even took off from work to ensure someone would be there to sign for the package.

I'll go to my corner now...

(then I'll go back to the VTT reviews and such... might be doing a Q&A with someone involved with MapTools - look Ma, I'm a professional! ;)


  1. > I fully expect tomorrow's posting will be a review of the suitability of the iPad to read PDFs.

    Looking forward to that. Being able to read my color game PDF's fully, quickly navigate, with bookmarks, etc. is my main tablet requirement.

    Still kind of think iPad is too small, really want 8.5x11" screen.

  2. hehe, have fun with it and let us know how it goes.

  3. i got my girlfriend an ipad for her birthday,
    she loves it . . .

  4. i've only played with one a little bit, but i'm fine with the size, given my love for the 6x9 LBBs (OD&D and Traveller)..

  5. Posting to come tonight. Hint... It's damn nice ;)


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