Tuesday, February 9, 2010

LL Advanced Edition Companion in Hand

Lulu is a much better, if more expensive, option when I pay for FedEx instead of USPS.  My Labyrinth Lord Advanced Edition Companion in was awaiting me at my front door when I arrived home.  Which is really good, as depending on the weather report I listen to the "snow event" that is going to be arriving in NYC is going to deposit anywhere from 6 to 16 inches of the white stuff, and that will probably mess up any deliveries.

I must say it looks "damn purty" in hand.  Excellent match to the Revised Labyrinth Lord book.  I already know the contents are great... can't wait to put this pair of books to good use.

Have Carcosa in my "digital" hand.  Definitely formatted to be printed and used as a digest sized book.  Just 2 classes in this setting: Fighting Man and Sorcerer.  Sorcerer does everything a Fighting Man does, plus all the extras.  So, why be a Fighting Man?  Anyhow, need to do more then skim this.  It's only 40 odd pages so it shouldn't take too long.

If only I had the type of job that allowed one to stay home on "snow days".

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