Wednesday, December 9, 2009

Iridia - A Great (FREE) RPG Resource

If you don't know about Iridia, you really should. It's an RPG-zine... not quite a magazine, but usually more then a newsletter. It's a product of love and devotion by Christian Walker.

To be fair, I've been reading Christian's stuff for a while now. He put out Scrollworks back in the early part of this decade which was purely a printed / snail mailed e-zine.

These days he puts out Iridia on a fairly regular basis... regular when it's not replaced by the Newsletter of the Lincoln Middle School Dungeons & Dragons Club. Fun stuff :)

In any case, you can get nearly all of his stuff for free (donations appreciated) from the above linked website. I'm looking at my printed / snail mailed copy of issue 87 as we speak, which is a 20 page, digest sized, city supplement for Labyrinth Lord from this past February. You can find it for free on the site.

Enjoy the goodies and tell Christian I sent ya! ;)

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