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Saturday, December 12, 2015

WotC Posts Another Cartoon Map Walk-Through - Out of the Abyss (5e)

I almost missed this one. The Out of the Abyss walk-through been up for a bit (and the link has been open in my browser for over a week, but free time hasn't been too free for me recently) and I figured it's about time to share it out.

Sure, it's for a 5e adventure but it's still fun to look at / read.

Grab it in low, medium or hi resolution directly from the WotC site here. (edit: link fixed to offer all resolutions)

And no, I haven't read the adventure it's based upon...


  1. Your link apparently takes us directly to the low quality, none of the options...

  2. I love these map walkthroughs. Picked up the poster ones a while back and have them decorating my cave.

  3. IMHO these walkthroughs are by far the best thing Wizards produced in years.


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