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Sunday, March 22, 2015

The Far & Away Podcast Episode #1 is Released!

I've got to hand it to +Vincent Florio . He turned the episode around in record time, as we had just recorded it earlier this afternoon. I must say, I had a blast recording this with Dirk ( +Far Away Land RPG ) and Vince.

Want some highlights?

- Dirk talks about some ideas about a NTRPG Con themed Far Away Land adventure

- We discuss ideas on converting OSR adventures and settings to the FAL ruleset

- Lean the background behind the FAL setting

- FAL Quickstart?

- Dirk discusses licensing plans

- Info on the upcoming seaborne supplement

- Lots more!

It's about 51 minutes from start to finish (well, Youtube video is a tad longer.)

It's not up yet on iTunes (not sure how long that takes) but you can listen to the episode here onYoutube:


  1. Podcast was interesting enough to buy the Tome of Awesome to check it out.

    Just need to get Vincent to not have his video reversed - the mirror image Evil Dead poster was very distracting...


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