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Wednesday, August 27, 2014

Latest eBay Pick-ups - The Strategic Review #6 and The Dragon #22

I grabbed The Strategic Review # 6 and The Dragon #22 for about $26 shipped.

While SR #6 has a coffee stain on the back cover, Dragon #22 has very white and crisp pages. This is the issue with the DMG preview, and I suspect you could have survived without the DMG for a good long time with the preview alone.

Very cool pieces of history.


  1. You know I do not mind a little wear, a stain here or there and some pencil marks as long as it was mentioned. I like the idea that someone spent some time enjoying it before me. Like the cat investigation. Mine has to see too.

  2. Nice finds! I agree with Parrish. I used to pick up lots of old bits of this and that at auction that were worn and tattered for a song, just to thumb through them myself. Mostly stuff I had missed in the early days (there was a lot then too!) but also a few just to remind myself of some things forgotten. Some I still have and plan to eBay and other stuff I have long since passed along to others who might just like to thumb through it themselves.


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