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  1. Moe T - the man behind The Windsor Gaming Resource.

    Wasn't sure if I should post here or not as the last year has been horrible for me and all of my blogs have suffered due to it. I hadn't updated in months.

    That said, I do plan on getting back to it.

    So the Windsor Gaming Resource blog is a spot where you can find out about gaming events in the Windsor Ontario Area. In addition you will find reviews and other gaming discussion.


  2. Sanctum Secorum (Sanctum.media) is a DCC RPG/Appendix N literary podcast that focuses on taking materials and bring them to the table. We discuss a number of DCC adventures, and feature one adventure, every episode. Anything DCC RPG related we are interested in so that we can broaden our scope for the podcast. In addition, we are looking to branch out our blog-side by reviewing DCC RPG and system neutral materials. While DCC RPG Materials are the focus of our podcast, getting more system neutral materials in front of our listener base is in keeping with our mission, helping people bring creativity and variety to their gaming tables.

  3. "...sell yourself..."

    And here I thought you said that the Tavern wasn't a whorehouse! :P

  4. If you are a blogger looking to review Stock Art: Dungeon Scenes, Fantasy Characters or Wizards, email me at Gwythaint.ny@gmail.com

  5. For publishers it is worth noting:
    -Are you looking for you unsolicited manuscripts / queries?
    -Are you looking for new artists?
    -How do you pay? Terms / timelines, etc.
    -List one product that successfully captures your company's vision.
    -List one product that is under appreciated, and why you think it should be appreciated.

  6. gmbgaming... Greg Barry, recently attended Gary Con... typically stick to east coast Conventions when I can attend

  7. Hey, I'm getting my game, Project Vanquish, ready for funding on Kickstarter. I'm hoping to get as much publicity as I can manage beforehand and during. I'd be up for interviews in various media, probably in a couple weeks.

    It's here at Drivethru if you're interested in playing and/or reviewing: http://www.drivethrurpg.com/product/180035/Project-Vanquish-Free-Beta

  8. Well, I'm a little late to the party I see. I'm Thom Wilson, the one man band behind ThrowiGames and Nomad Gaming. I write adventures for 1E, 5E and my own system, SRS (Simple Roleplaying System). Most of my SRS work is free to download on my website, but occasionally I have materials printed.

    I also write for other publishers (most recently, 'Affliction' for Fail Squad Games). I have about 3-4 unpublished adventures (pre-edit stage) ready for any who may be looking for a quick 16-24 page adventure to publish. I'm also working with a well known author on new sci-fi material due out later this year.

    I'm currently revising SRS (v2.0) and playtesting another of my creations throughout 2016 for a 2017 publication. I have three books in the works right now: Affliction (part 2) for Fail Squad Games, Into the Wreckage (a 1E Gamma World adventure for NTRPGCon) and Island of Blight (part 2 in the Trail of the Serpent Queen series).


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