Tuesday, August 8, 2023

Kickstarter - Wind Wraith (OSE Hexcrawl)

I am a setting junkie, even more so than dice, and I love dice. Settings, even if they don't get used directly, open my mind (and my game table) to new ideas and new locals.

The Wind Wraith Kickstarter is a setting book, but it's more than simply a new setting. Shane refers to it as a wavecrawl, which is literally a hexcrawl over the water.

The Wind Wraith Kickstarter is about $17 USC in PDF and $39 in print plus PDF.

Wind Wraith is a generative wavecrawl setting toolkit.

Generate your own flooded fantasy post apocalypse ocean world complete with scattered islands, factions and ancient ruins. Play as refugees of the flood, explorers in a fallen world as they build and upgrade their ship and crew. Unravel the mysterious of the past.

  • Island exploration in a gothic waterworld 
  • Factions competing over limited resources in stormy seas
  • Ancient ruins guarded by rusted arcane constructs 
  • Survive dangerous voyages 
  • Hire a crew, build and upgrade your ship
  • Old School Essentials compatible
  • Underwater exploration 
  • Magical flora, bacteria and parasites 
  • Battle rival crews in naval skirmishes 
  • Hunt or be hunted by monstrous leviathans 
  • Quick start rules

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