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2023 Annual Charity Raffle for Feral Cats - Organized by David Baity

Sadie, our current feline daughter

A few words from your bartender: I am a cat guy. Always have been, and always will be, although marrying Rach also turned me into a dachshund guy too ;) My deceased feline daughter was adopted by my son's mother as a kitten (I inherited both when his mom passed) and my current feline daughter adopted Rach and me in 2020 (she was a stray that literally walked into our back door that October). I am honored to give some extra bandwidth to David's Annual Charity Raffle - Tenkar

(Edit-04/20- Original art has been added-checklist and pics below)

(Edit- 04/17- I'm including a list of prizes at the bottom of the post. Some great prizes have been added thanks to some very special people and I don't want them to be overlooked.)

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If you know me, and/or you love cats, please take the time to read this post: 

Hey guys! Most of you know that I try to do something every year to help a local feline (mostly) rescue that really goes above and beyond to rescue cats and kittens who are on the street and are destined for a very short and miserable life. Paved Paws Animal League ( https://pavedpaws.com/ ) not only participates in the local TNR (Trap Neuter Return) program, but they feed several feral colonies daily, come rain or shine. Last year, the organization rescued 113 felines. We’re just getting into 2023, and they’ve already reached 65 since February (which means it’s going to beat last year, sadly). Right now, the rescue has 24 kittens, 2 teenagers, and 6 adults. They’re at capacity, and money for food, litter, and medical care is quickly becoming scarce. 

There are a few reasons why I do this every year, but the main one is to give back to a rescue to honor the best thing to ever happen to me that also came from a rescue. Sadie was my world and until it’s my turn to pass on to whatever lies beyond, I make it a point to help in the little ways I can. One way is by doing a raffle that offers some nice RPG items for winners to pick from. All it takes is $1 to enter, and you get an additional entry for each additional dollar you donate (for example $10.00 would get you ten chances to win). In anticipation of this year,

I knew my prize closet was getting shallow, so I asked a legendary artist in the field if he might consider taking a commission for something feline. San Julian agreed and sent two pieces of original art that serve as the main focal point of the raffle. I’ve added a handful of additional items into the mix in hopes that it might entice you to throw the cost of a cup of coffee into something that will go directly towards saving the lives of kittens and cats in my hometown of Greenville, South Carolina. 

To enter the drawing, please use one of the links below. Please consider using “Friends and Family” if you donate through PayPal. Remember to enter “raffle” in the notes of your payment so that your name and entries will be recorded properly. All donations are tax-deductible as Paved Paws Animal League is a 501 (c) (3) charity.

Venmo- https://account.venmo.com/u/pavedpaws

PayPal- https://www.paypal.com/paypalme/pavedpaws

The raffle begins tonight and will end on 4/30/23 at midnight EST. I will have a DCC celebrity draw numbers randomly at this time and match the numbers with a name. Right now, I have 12 prizes (shown below) to award. That number may grow by the end of the raffle. Thank you for taking the time to read, and please spread the word on the raffle. It really does help!




San Julian pencil sketch (batcat)

San Julian oil painting (white cat), 

Weird Frontiers package A (standard cover book, 5 adventures, character sheet pad x 2, dice tube, dice bag, t-shirt), 

Weird Frontiers package B (limited edition cover book, 5 adventures, character sheet pad x 2, dice tube, dice bag, t-shirt)

Metamorphosis Alpha: Epsilon City Kickstarter

Astonishing Swordsmen and Sorcerers of Hyperborea boxed set

Carnival of the Damned adventure and DCC dice

HUBRIS softcover

Dying Earth Kickstarter boxed sets

DCC rulebook (hardback) and dice set

Transylvanian Encounters hardback

Weird Frontiers digital bundle x 3 (everything I've published)

The shadows about hope adventure (2 physical and 3 digital copies) donated by author Mar Zio Marzio Muscedere

Judge Smith's tube of Boons and Hexes for Weird Frontiers RPG donated by Paul Smith 

Mutants and Masterminds 3rd edition hardback donated by Paul Smith 

Atlas of Hyperborea for use with Astonishing Swordsmen and Sorcerers of Hyperborea donated by Paul Smith 

Conan RPG Players Guide hardback donated by Paul Smith 

Necronomnomnom cookbook hardback donated by Paul Smith  

Tournament of Pigs boxed set with stamps, sleeves, and a judges screen donated by Thom Denick of Weird Works LLC 

Star Crawl Classics Bundle donated by author/publisher Jonathan Snodgrass 

Tales of the Smoking Wyrm limited edition boxed set containing issues 1-3 all signed by the creators donated by Trevor Stamper

Original art by Del Teigeler from Astonishing Swordsmen & Sorcerers of Hyperborea donated by Keith Nelson

3 pieces of original art by Ballyraven donated by Keith Nelson

Wendigo art by Ballyraven donated by Keith Nelson

Signed prints (frogman) by Ballyraven donated by Keith Nelson

Devilskull art by Kevin Manklow donated by Keith Nelson

Snail god cultists Weird Frontiers art by Christopher Torres donated by Keith Nelson

Owl woman art for Weird Frontiers by Christopher Torres donated by Keith Nelson

more pics can be seen in the original post:

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