Wednesday, January 11, 2023

Monsters! Monsters! Has a Licensing Agreement that Doesn't Suck the Soul Out of Your Body


Yep, I just signed an agreement to produce a supplement for Monsters! Monsters! (similar enough to Ken St Andre's more famous Tunnels & Trolls to be familiar, different enough to stand on its own). Sovereign Monsters! will be a superpowered supplement for Monsters! Monsters!, written by myself with Glen Halstrom, and art by Glen himself.

Basic terms are pretty fair - $10 upfront and 4% of sales. Besides, I like the system and I'm comfortable working with Ken and Steve.

Continual Light 2e (now a true Second Edition) is still coming, but it does require a rewrite to remove OGL/SRD content, the same position as many OSR systems are in.

Reach out to Steve Crompton on Facebook if you are interested in joining in for some Monsters! Monsters!

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  1. Yes we are honored to have Erik as part of our growing Monsters! Monsters! Network. We want to be a refuge for independant creators looking for an RPG system run by creators - for creators. We are looking for quality content and cool ideas especial those who are already creating but need to escape the OGL. You can email me directly at trollhallapresssteve@gmail.com.

  2. This is awesome news! Congratulations Erik!


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