Wednesday, November 2, 2022

Kickstarter - Bizarre Blades and Torches, for Use With Fantasy RPGs (Phil Reed)

For those that don't already know, Phil Reed is the master of offering high-value Kickstarters at bargain prices. Bizarre Blades and Torches, for Use With Fantasy RPGs is no exception to the rule, it simply reinforces it.

As I experiment with formats, I find my attention turning to tiny booklets. I've created some smaller books in the past -- Gregor's Guide to Gates and Curic's Cursed Chapbook -- but I've never fully embraced the almost A6-sized page . . . until now! 

With your support, I'll produce at least two -- and possibly as many as four! -- different (approximately) A6-sized booklets. The titles in question are:

  •  Bizarre Blades - 16 pages. A d66 selection of magic swords and daggers. 
  •  Bizarre Torches - 12 pages. d66 magical and unusual torches.
  •  Bizarre Tomes - 16 pages. A selection of d66 odd books, including some magic items. $5,000 stretch goal. Unlocked. 
  •  Bizarre Goos - 16 pages. Do you need more slimes and oozes? This d66 collection is for you! $7,500 stretch goal. Unlocked.  

Unlocked stretch goals impact all reward levels. If you select the $1 PDF reward, you will receive the unlocked stretch goals in PDF. If you have chosen the $13 or higher print reward levels (United States addresses only), then any unlocked stretch goals will be included in your rewards in both PDF and print. If the $7,500 stretch goal is unlocked, all print rewards receive all four printed booklets! (note - all stretch goals have been reached)

One buck gets you all the above in PDF. There is no reason for ANYONE not to back for a buck.

$13 plus shipping gets you all the above in Print and PDF.

Do eet! You know you want to!

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