Thursday, November 17, 2022

Christmas Gifting - D&D Classic Collection: Monsters A-C (Painted Minis)

As we await the release of One D&D, WotC and its licensees need to find a source of income for the inevitable "dead time" between editions. Lo and behold and to the surprise of no one, we have the release of the D&D Classic Collection: Monsters A-C from Wizkids.

Now, is it really a "complete" collection of monsters from"A-C"? Obviously not. It is, however, a collection of iconic creatures from the letters of the alphabet covered, and certainly hits some notes for a grognard like me. I'm not so sure I'd buy it for myself, but if Rach needs some ideas for a Christmas gift or two for me, I don't think she could go wrong with D&D Classic Collection: Monsters A-C.

I must say, I really do like the cover art ;)

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