Tuesday, September 27, 2022

New Crowdfunding - By Feather and Coop, a Zine for The Hero's Journey 2e (James Spahn)

It's no secret that James Spahn is virtually my brother from another mother. I just want to remind folk, as I am highlighting a new release for The Hero's Journey 2e. For those that don't know, The Hero's Journey is as close to James' ideal vision of an RPG as we'll likely ever see, and it's pretty amazing.

So what is By Feather and Coup? Well, as stated on this post's header, it's a zine for The Hero's Journey 2e.

By Feather and Coop is a small zine supplement for Barrel Rider Games' The Hero's Journey: Second Edition! It features a new character lineage (the Bantam - yes, you can play a chicken), new spells, heirlooms, and a small menagerie of creatures!

The final zine is around 25 pages, and features new art from Nicolas Giacondino!

The PDF is fully laid-out, art complete and ready to go! You'll get the PDF when you help GallantFund this item, with the option for a printed zine. The print edition of this zine will only be available from the GKG webstore. If you get the print+PDF edition, it can take up to 48 hours for your PDF to fulfill (it's a manual process on our end at this time.)

By Feather and Coup is 3.99 in PDF, 6.99 for the Print plus PDF.

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