Thursday, March 25, 2021

News - Trollhalla Press Becomes Trollgodfather Press - To Lose ALL Tunnels & Trolls Titles

Not the clearest news, but interesting nonetheless. Note, I received this update via email from DTRPG.

Greetings, my friends.

I have some news for you. Today Trollhalla Press changed its name to Trollgodfather PressTrollgodfather still has all its titles, but sometime in the near future, it will lose all of the Tunnels & Trolls titles as well as all of the Monsters! Monsters! titles.  If you've been putting off buying any of that, especially the pdf versions of Monsters! Monsters! don't let it slide too long.  When the new owner takes things over, prices are very likely to go up on everything.

In other news, my non-T&T games, Starfaring, Power Trip, and Rollerball have all done very well, also.  If you thought about my superhero variant of T & T, Power Trip, you might want to grab that before the end of the month too, as it probably won't be available next month.   Starfaring has already sold over 100 copies and Power Trip has over 50.  I am quite elated over the success of both of these products.

Times are changing, friends. Get the best of the old world while you can--the new world will be here before you know it.


Ken St. Andre


  1. anyone have any more reason why this happened?

    1. I'm guessing it relates to who has acquired ownership/rights to Rick Loomis's business and holdings, which may be all T&T, following his passing. I thought it had gone to Ken and/or Steve Crompton, so either that is incorrect, or it is correct and they have subsequently sold ownership off.

    2. Steve Crompton left a hinting video about what may be next. (I suspect Ken may have sold off his rights to a larger company). Here's the video: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=_7nc0W2y-9I

    3. Not the correct link I think. It’s to a music video and not Steve’s account

  2. I'm really not at liberty to say much at this point, other than it is a potentially very exciting times ahead for Flying Buffalo and its various games. In the future we'll have an official announcement. Anything else is just speculation and rumor, so don't get too bought into any rumors you hear floating around. (even ones from Ken) lol

  3. According to what I was able to find was that in In July 2021, Webbed Sphere purchased Flying Buffalo with plans to incorporate Flying Buffalo's products.


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