Thursday, January 30, 2020

Kickstarter - The Hero's Journey 2e - Last 14 Hours!

The Hero's Journey 2e Kickstarter is coming to a close in 14 hours or so as I type this, so you have until about 10 AM Eastern time, January 31st 2020 to back it. You have backed it right? It's written by James Spahn, one of the most skilled RPG ruleset writers in the OSR Community and beyond (I'm not just saying that because he is one of my closest friends, its the simple truth :)

Over 730 backers can't be wrong ;)
The game is written, the art is done, the editing is finished and layout is done! The PDF has already been uploaded to DriveThruRPG, and proof copies ordered! 
This game is ready to go. We just need your help to get the word out about it, and help make sure everyone gets paid!  Gallant Knight Games has already paid for the art, layout, and editing, but making games is more expensive than that.  
The long term success of a game can often depend on retail stores, gaming groups and more. The goal of our project is to run a focused, tight campaign that will allow us to make a high-quality offset print run of the corebook in both softcover and hardcover. We believe James has created a work of art here, and we want to show case that with the best print run we can do.  
The day the funds are delivered to Gallant Knight Games you'll get your PDF and we'll put the game to print. This will be a very fast turn around and a very tightly focused project. We're producing one book, and everything else is digital. 

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