Wednesday, January 16, 2019

Kickstarter - The ADOM (Ancient Domains Of Mystery) Roleplaying Game

Reminds me of the AD&D 1e core books - The Player's Handbook first cover and the Dungeon Master's Guide second cover. Not duplicates of, certainly, but inspired by.

The ADOM (Ancient Domains Of Mystery) Roleplaying Game is certainly inspired by old school gaming and the OSR but draws its main inspiration from a rogue-like computer game, at least as far as setting and style go.
(ADOM) is a complete redesign from ground up with a fresh new rules system based on the best OSR games out in the field, extended by what makes ADOM unique:
  • A tantalizing Corruption mechanic representing the powerful lure of Chaos. How far will you go down the road of damnation for the powers to help you defeat the very thing you are fighting?
  • A non-Vancian spell system based on power points providing many tactical options to caster classes. Will you draw on your very own life force to power the vital spells needed to survive an encounter? Will you give in to the whispering madness of Chaos to provide your spells with that special extra kick?
  • A morality system where Law and Chaos should never be confused with Good and Evil.

The full-color art looks nice thus far.

34 bucks gives you B&W Soft Cover Print on Demand At Cost versions of the rules (plus PDF)
46 bucks gives you the above in hardcover.
57 bucks gives you the above in deluxe color hardcover.

Note - You still have to pay the "At Cost" amount plus shipping for your dead tree copies, but you may order as many as you want so this could be a very cost-effective way to outfit a gaming group with a set of books.


  1. Interesting. I wonder if one of the classes will be @ ? ;-)

  2. "pay the "At Cost" amount plus shipping for your dead tree copies, but you may order as many as you want"

    I thought this with the recent Labyrinth Lord KS, I was going to order two copies of two covers then two more on a couple of weeks, however you had to order "as many as you want" one time then link died...

    1. Hi, I'm one of the people working at this. :)

      The print-at-cost links will have a time limit to use (to prevent abuse, but a link should be valid several months), and we deliberately allow printing multiple copies of the books for private use.

      We know this from our own roleplaying groups - the party usually has one DM book and two or three player handbooks for those systems that differ between them. We want you to be able to recruit your friends to play without making them order a game they haven't heard about before.

      (Though, of course, if you DO convince your friends to back us, we'd be very grateful indeed. :))

  3. I looked at the ADOM lite rpg after looking at the computer game. If I'm being honest with myself I can instantly see anyone easily playing a pen and paper version of The Bard's Tale I, II or III with the rules. I might just back this.

  4. Never heard of this.
    I have no reason to LOOK for this.

    I want this


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