Thursday, October 16, 2014

If the OSR WERE a Scarecrow, This is How it Would Look

Big thanks to +Russ Morrissey of ENWorld for sharing this and WOTC's Trevor Kidd for whipping it together.

Now, as it was posted Monday, it had nothing to do with yesterday's (and today's) continuing conversation, but it fits perfectly.

Seems like that poor adventurer is going to get a whooping ;)

(image updated thanks to mwschmeer)


  1. Here's a better quality image, straight from dnd.wizards.com:


  2. When people ask for a definition of the OSR I am henceforth just linking to this picture.

  3. "Follow the Yellow Brick, Follow the Yellow Brick . . . "

    Absolutely stunning illustration.


  4. Looks like another glowing endorsement from Trevor.


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